Samstag, 13. Dezember 2014

Stop rushing against Islam!

Islam cursed and distances itself from Terrorism!

Especially during the last two decades, the word "Islamic terrorism"  often in the mass media have been treated. All Muslims condem in the world, and this devilish curse of terrorism that is only one use to incite
fear and Kaos in the world and incite the people against each other and thus exploit. 
In this article we explain why Islam is that violence in any case, the source and demonstrate that violence has no place in Islam. A terrorist act can not be termed as "Islamic terror", just as one of "Jewish terror" or "Christian terror" would say, if the perpetrators were Jews or Christians is.Terror terrorism and has nothing to do with religion.
Thus, a devout believer, the fear of God has to commit a terrorist never did. All three theistic religions command love, mercy and peace. The terror is the opposite of religion, he is cruel, merciless and demands bloodshed creates misery.
The name or the religion of terrorists is meaningless. Who murdered innocent people without batting an eyelash, is a disbeliever, not a believer.
He is a murderer, who does not fear God, and whose main ambition is to shed blood and cause havoc.
For this reason, "Islamic terrorism" is a completely erroneous word that contradicts the message of Islam. For the religion of Islam does not tolerate terrorism.

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